Author Ed Robertson Talks About “45 Years of The Rockford Files”

Ed Robertson's first book about The Rockford Files was released in 1995. Its episode-by-episode approach quickly became the go-to resource for Rockford fans. The book's first revision ten years later brought even more info on James Garner's iconic PI role.

Now, the third update brings sixty new pages of information – garnered (see what I did there?!) from twenty new interviews – about the '70s original series as well as the 8 reunion movies which started airing in 1994. Not to mention info about a certain gold Pontiac Firebird and a forward from Jim's daughter Gigi Garner.

Hear Ed talk about his experiences meeting – and becoming friends with – Rockford creator Roy Huggins, as well as his interviews with Stephen J. Cannell and James Garner himself. Also find out how to get a special recording with your copy of 45 Years of The Rockford Files.

Search for Ed's podcast too, called TV Confidential!

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