(Community Matters 51) Marshall Mayor Still Confident Battery Plant will be Built in Marshall

Jim Schwartz, the mayor of Marshall, Michigan, is taking Ford Motor Company at its word that construction on the BlueOval Battery Park Michigan is temporarily stopped – and will resume.

Ford issued a statement on September 25, 2023 announcing construction would be paused:

“We’re pausing work and limiting spending on construction on the Marshall project until we’re confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant.  There are a number of considerations.  We haven’t made any final decision about the planned investment there.”

Schwartz tells Community Matters he expects construction on the plant to continue – and a release of another $65 million on September 26, 2023 from the Michigan Strategic Fund underscores it. He also points to striking UAW workers as a potential factor.

Click to listen to the mayor's full interview.

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