(Community Matters 60) Failure to Launch: Starr Commonwealth Eyes New Program to Spark Stalled Young Lives

Calhoun County-based Starr Commonwealth – an organization intending to heal trauma and build resilience in children – has a vision for emerging young adults, as well.

In this episode of Community Matters, Starr Commonwealth President and CEO Elizabeth Carey talks about the concept of the FOCUS Forward program (FOCUS stands for Forging Opportunities for Career Upskilling and Success). The State of Michigan has already awarded the organization $300,000 from the 2024 budget for the program. Starr Commonwealth has a goal of about $1 million to kick it off.

Carey discusses the focus of the program – so-called “opportunity youth” – young adults. in many cases, who have had a “failure to launch” their adult lives (sometimes called Peter Pan syndrome). She estimates about 3000 people fall into that category in Calhoun County. Click and hear more.

Episode Resources
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Press Release: Starr Commonwealth Receives $300,000 from State of Michigan to Empower “Opportunity Youth”
Scientific American: Failure to Launch Syndrome

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