(Discover Kalamazoo 3) Shop ‘Til You Drop: Kalamazoo Mall

Talk about history! In the third episode of the Discover Kalamazoo Historic Walking Tour  series, the focus is on the first pedestrian mall in the whole country: The downtown mall in Kalamazoo.

Historian, author and curator of the Western Michigan University Legacy Collections, Lynn Houghton talks about some of the highlights on the mall – along with its rich history. Houghton,  famous for her seasonal, in-person historic walks, has led tour groups big and bigger all around the area – offering up historical tidbits that make listeners say “huh!”

Episode Resources

Sit back and let this episode whet your appetite for a Kalamazoo visit – or follow along during an in-person, self-guided walking tour using this handy Discover Kalamazoo map!

Be sure and check out all the resources you need for a Kalamazoo visit for leisure or business at the Discover Kalamazoo website.

Want to attend one of Lynn's in-person historic walks? Watch the Discover Kalamazoo website for details!

Kalamazoo Lost and Found by Lynn Smith Houghton and Pamela Hall O'Connor

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