Fighting Calhoun County’s Opioid Epidemic

Calhoun County Administrator/Controller Kelli Scott and Amy Dolinky with the Michigan Association of Counties join host Richard Piet to discuss the Calhoun County Opioid Settlement Steering Committee and its focus.

Calhoun County is slated to receive approximately $11 million in opioid settlement funds over the next two decades. Scott and Dolinky co-chair the committee, with Dolinky's role as a technical advisor integral to the process.

The pair discuss the goal of the committee, where the money came from, how it could potentially be used, as well as the process to use the funds to fight opioid overdoses in Calhoun County.

Episode Resources
Calhoun County Opioid Settlement Funds website
Calhoun County Opioid website
Michigan Association of Counties Opioid Settlement Resource Center

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