Fighting the ‘Great Resignation’: Ford Develops Tinder-Like Job Sharing App

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Swiping left or right isn't just for dating anymore. Ford Motor Company has developed what it calls the “Job Connect” mobile app for employees seeking a fellow worker to share their job.

Over the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are said to be resigning in significant numbers in some segments – coined “the Great Resignation“. Presumably, the movement is fueled by pandemic-induced epiphanies prompting working folks to re-prioritize their lives.

Under the notion that amping-up its job sharing benefit could help stem a tide of potential resignations, Ford green-lighted the development of a Tinder-like mobile app where employees could match with others to share their job. and as we learned in this episode – slightly or significantly adjust their “work-life balance” and remain employed with Ford.

Click to listen to the app's co-creator, Ford's Eniso Ngwenya, share her own perspective on how the idea happened – thanks to her own work-life balance adjustment.

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