Improv: It’s Not Just For Comedy Anymore

Ever been to an improv comedy show? it is amazing how an improv comedy group can work so cohesively that they can carry out a performance without a script. Even when an audience throws out an idea for a sketch – and they perform it on the spot! How do they do it?!

Dann Sytsma's group Crawlspace Eviction, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been doing just that for a number of years. In fact, Dann and his wife Tara realized the cornerstones of improv are really applicable in life – and for business and organizations.

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Episode Resources

Crawlspace Eviction Improv Comedy Group Website

Improv Effects – Applied Improv for Leadership, Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Watch: Dann and Tara Sytsma explain applied improv for business and organizations

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