True Crime: Who Killed The Eccentric Presidential Candidate From Michigan?

Michigan tourism expert Dianna Stampfler (Promote Michigan) goes back to her roots as an investigative journalist and delves into the circumstances surrounding the cold case death of Dean Templeton.

Templeton's difficult family history and early life didn't stop him from eventually hitchhiking cross-country campaigning to become president of the United States in the mid-1970s – espousing his vast political convictions.

So, how did Dean Templeton end up shot dead in a ditch in Washington state in 1975? That is the start of many provocative questions which remain in the case:

Why does a biography of Templeton authored by “Pyro Atomic Bomb” (seemingly, one of his campaign coordinators, Marion Feany's chosen pen name) provide details of his death? Were those details supposed to be a prognostication of what happened? Or is it a historical account?

Why is there no apparent account of investigators' interviews with Feany, her husband, and others who came into contact with Templeton before his death?

Could Templeton's son – jailed on other charges – have been involved in his death?

Told you the questions were provocative! Click and listen to Dianna's account of her investigation thus far.

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