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Okay, occasionally a voice from elsewhere might be featured – but the topics are still relevant for local audiences.

The truth is traditional media has disinvested in Calhoun County. We’re not alone; it’s a national trend for large companies to buy up local media outlets, reduce overhead, streamline content and appeal to broader audiences. That’s great – but it reduces the connection local folks have to their own communities. The fact is, things that happen locally are liable to affect you before something happening in Washington does.

So, we have created BattleCreekPodcast.com as a place to grow locally relevant content. At BattleCreekPodcast.com, we have created a hub where our local conversations can be found, followed and listened to. Among our purposeful podcast conversations:

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Richard Piet, Founder
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Community Matters

A community-focused series underwritten by Lakeview Ford Lincoln which brings guests from various circles in or near Calhoun County. Local leaders, non-profits and community organizations are just a few examples of the voices you’ll hear.

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BC City Connection

Episodes of the BC City Connection podcast come right from Battle Creek City Hall. Discussions take you right to the sources of various city departments and the City Commission to help inform and educate.

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Inside Calhoun County

The official podcast of Calhoun County Government, ICC episodes bring insights and information from those dedicated to keeping our county on track.

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Creating Dementia Solutions

CDS is the official podcast of Miles for Memories, the organization dedicated to helping those living with dementia in Calhoun County – and those who care for them – through movement, programming and research.

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Summit Pointe Series

Summit Pointe, the community mental health authority in Calhoun County, has a library of over 40 episodes telling some of the incredible stories of help and healing in our community.

I promise – we’ll be growing the content here on the site and we welcome your input. What types of information are pertinent for you? What would you like to see and hear at BattleCreekPodcast.com? Feel free to complete the contact form below and let us know.

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