How To Avoid Chimney Fires Like Rachael Ray’s

It is heartbreaking to watch TV chef Rachael Ray guide viewers of her program through the remains of her home after a chimney fire decimated it in the summer of 2020. She and her husband escaped with just minutes to spare after the fire began, which started in the chimney.

It seems Rachael and her husband John Cusimano took the necessary steps to keep their chimney in good working order. Still, we wondered – what are those steps? Could discussing it help listeners avoid similar fires?

We turned back to our go-to fire expert, Michael McLeieer with fire education organization ESCAPE, for guidance.

Episode Resources:

Rachael and John discuss what happened at their home the night of the fire.

More about Michael McLeieer's fire education organization ESCAPE.

Visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America website to find a chimney professional in your area.

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