(Vicksburg Visit 7) Goal: A National Model for Small Towns

In the first of a short series of Vicksburg Visit episodes with Vicksburg, Michigan Village Manager Jim Mallery, we pick up the story about a town in trouble – and how that has changed. In the span of five years, Vicksburg has gone from insolvency and a threat of state oversight to a thriving community with cash reserves.

In the very first Vicksburg Visit, a former county treasurer and state senator discuss how they were called upon in the early stages of a plan to correct the village's financial dire straits. Now, Jim Mallery discusses how he, as the new village manager, worked to rally the community (it wasn't always easy) to begin a turnaround that has taken less than 5 years to realize.

Episode Resources

Village of Vicksburg Transparency Center

Village of Vicksburg website

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